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Country/Region code:AR
Entry into force:15/04/2016 (substances) 01/01/2017 (mixtures)
Obligatory from:15/04/2016 (substances listed in Resolutions 310/2003, 497/2003, 743/2003) 01/01/2017 (all other substances, and mixtures listed in Resolutions 310/2003, 497/2003, 743/2003) 01/06/2017 (all other mixtures)
Transition period:-
Not implemented building blocks:Chemicals under pressure, all categories Flammable gas, Category 1A (Pyrophoric gases) Flammable gas, Category 1B Desensitized explosives, all categories
Additional information:GHS rev. 5 (2015) has been implemented. Resolution 155/2016 postponed the original deadlines for implementation of GHS. The deadlines on this page are updated accordingly. The Argentinian standards IRAM 41400 and 41401 regulate Safety Data Sheets and Labelling of hazardous chemicals respectively.

Updated: 23-11-2021