Hazard & Precautionary statements

Hazard and Precautionary statements in GHS represent standard phrases used to respectively describe the hazards of hazardous substances/mixtures and the recommended measures to be taken when using/disposing hazardous substances/mixtures.

In Europe Hazard and Precautionary statements (in brief H- and P-statements) are equivalent to Risk and Safety phrases that were used in Directive 67/548/EEC and no longer apply as from June 2017.


Hazard statements describe physical, health and environmental hazards. They are codified by using one letter, “H”, and three figures, the first of which indicates the primary nature of the hazard:
  • H2xy for physical hazards,
  • H3xy for health hazards and
  • H4xy for environmental hazards.


Precautionary statements are also assigned a unique code, consisting of one letter, “P”, and three figures, the first of which refers to one of the 5 types of statements:
  • P1xy for General recommendations
  • P2xy for Prevention recommendations
  • P3xy for Response recommendations
  • P4xy for Storage recommendations
  • P5xy for Disposal recommendations
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