CLP introduces new hazard statements (former: R-phrases) and precautionary statements (former: S-phrases).

To watch the wording of a phrase on a given language select country and type the number of the phrase (eg H301, P501, EUH066). To find the wording of the two SIGNAL WORDS on a given language, select country and type Signal_D for “Danger” or Signal_W for “Warning”. For combined phrases in GHS/CLP, e.g. P302 + P334, please use the following code P302/334.
You may use the same field to perform a free text search.

NB. The hazard statement EUH059 is replaced by the hazard statement H420, as per Commission Regulation (EU) No 286/2011, amending Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP).

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